Looking for people to take part in #TheRoadHome Study

It is now at the point in The Road Home Study for research to be gathered. The fieldwork stage will be completed by Christmas time all being well. I have already started the interviews and am now looking for more agencies and individuals to work with me on this study.


There are two elements to the fieldwork, both of which are narrative methods;

  1. Desert Island Discs style interviews: Lifestory narrative interviews using music

In these sessions men are asked to bring along 3 music tracks which help them tell parts of their life story. These are more like listening spaces than interviews as I don’t have any pre-determined or structured questions. Participants can tell as much or as little as they wish and are in control of the direction the interview will take. I aim to meet with these participants twice, 1 month apart.

  1. Memory Work Group

Small groups of between 3 and 6 people will be invited to form a small group, which will aim to meet 4 times. Each of these sessions will have a theme (Home, Belonging, Life Journeys, Gender) and all of the group will reflect on their own experiences and thoughts in relation to the theme which will then be worked on together. It is a small confidential space and everyone in the group takes part, including the facilitators.

I am currently looking for individuals, peer mentors, staff to get in touch to be part of the fieldwork stage. I am also looking for an agency to support me to run the group sessions.

If you, or someone you know, may be interested in being involved in this important research then get in touch with me; jade.levell@open.ac.uk

*THE SMALL PRINT! I am happy to carry out the interviews in person at a place near to you, or by phone or skype. If by phone you can keep your identity anonymous if you wish. Participants will be paid £8 per hour of time involved in the study plus reasonable travel expenses. This will be paid in voucher form upon completion of the commitment.

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