A book is on its way….

I have some really amazing news to share with you! I have connected with a publisher (Bristol University Policy Press) and I will be writing my first book next year. The book will be based on my PhD thesis, where I explored the narratives of men who experienced both childhood domestic violence/abuse and on-road and gang involvement. This book will be a chance to share my findings and analysis, but most importantly, to share the life stories of the men who met with me. Again, I want to express my gratitude to these men who talked to me about some of the most painful and intimate parts of their histories with the hope that it would make a difference to other young men in similar situations. I told them I would endeavour to make it count and this book will be a major step in that journey. I am planning to write the book to be accessible to both academics as well as front-line practitioners, so it can make an impact on the front-line of youth work.

This is a big personal step for me too. I clearly remember, when in my first year of my studies in Anthropology and Gender Studies at Aberdeen University, spending lots of time in the ‘Women’s Studies’ section of the library. Early on I picked up Kate Millet’s amazing work ‘Sexual Politics’. It was a very influential book to me in many ways and I remember noting that it was actually her PhD thesis that had been published. I made a mental note- I thought for the first time, wow, I could do that one day. Sixteen years later and it will become my own reality too which I am still pinching myself about.

I can’t wait to share it with you all

2 thoughts on “A book is on its way….

  1. Dearest Jade, I can’t tell you how proud l feel and hope granddad will somehow know. All being well, l hope to be the first in line for a copy. I’m sure when written and published it will be such a valuable tool to all of those who have Helped you and those who have suffered in their lives. If only the world was a kinder place. If the book goes someway to understanding Behaviour patterns and making changes, wouldn’t that be wonderful. That goes for our Whole human race. Bless you for your thoughtfulness and hard work whilst still raising your remarkable family. Sending lots of love granddaughter, always, Nan 😘

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  2. That’s amazing news Jade. I can’t wait to read it. Is there no end to
    your talents?? You are a truly amazing and inspirational young woman!!

    Love you loads xxxx


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