Some recent writing

I have been a busy bee recently. Writing has more been about disseminating some things I have been mulling over, but if you are interested here are some bits and pieces that have been published this month.

Music elicitation was featured in the Sociological Review in their month on innovative methods. This was fun to do as I made an infographic and an audio recording with a brief explanation of the method:

Today (International day for the elimination of violence against women) I also published some thoughts on the language of femicide vs homicide- and how, in my view, we should keep a focus on the role of patriarchy and gender-inequality rather than gender-neutrality in the guise of inclusivity:

Also translated into Russian!

And Swedish!

and was picked up by the Inter-press news agency (aimed at news from the global south)

My book has also now gone live on the Policy Press website and is ready for pre-order! That has been a real pinch-me moment. It is expensive for now, but hopefully the price will come down over time:

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