Bits and pieces out this week

This week I have engaged in some different types of writing. Sometimes I really enjoy writing short sharp articles to get the broader research messages out there to different audiences.

An article for The Conversation. The Istanbul Convention is coming into force in the UK next week after being finally ratified over the summer. Rosalie Ward & I wrote for The Conversation, highlighting the benefits this brings, as well as the work that still needs to be done to ensure equal protection for migrant women. We also highlighted the need for effective perpetrator work and capacity building with professionals.

I have also written a summary of the work I have been carrying out in Albania with a local team, developing music elicitation as both a social research and intervention tool with young people who are in prison, on probation, or ‘at risk’ of involvement in serious and organised crime. This work has been carried out with the RAYS project (Reconnecting Youth and Society) in Albania.

As an aside, I was looking around the internet at music elicitation and I noticed that my work has been picked up with the University of York in their ‘Digital Creativity: a Practical Guide’ which is great to see;

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