Publication: A methodological reflection on the use of music as an elicitation tool

The first publication from The Road Home Study has been published this month. It is a methodological reflection of the use of music in narrative interviews.

It is an open access paper, so free for all to view. Take a look here

Levell 2019Whilst thinking about publishing and sharing this, my thoughts have been with the participants. I imagine it must be odd to see your quotes used in research like this. I contacted all of the participants first to show them the article before publishing it more widely and have welcomed their comments and feedback on my analysis. In a way, this article is a good introduction to this process for both them and I, as it is a paper focused on methods rather than theorising on the deeper issues at hand. That will come later. I wonder how this tension between wanting to co-produce research with the participants in partnership settles with the conflict that ultimately I am publishing it with my name on, my thoughts on. I think this will be something to continually grapple with, in order to try and create non-exploitative research.

I also welcome your thoughts too- feel free to add a comment below.



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